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Mongoose Marketing Suite

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Phone Call Insight and ROI Intelligence


The Marketer’s Challenge

Digital marketing teams are tasked with optimizing campaigns across Search, Social, Mobile, Display or Email channels, with the objective of driving positive ROI.  Yet, optimization requires effective management of an array of tools and platforms. 


At Mongoose Metrics, our goal is to give you the technology necessary to navigate the dimensions of Impact, Time and Risk, without adding to the complexity.


IMPACT—Reveal the full ROI of your marketing efforts.

When there’s a chance a prospect or customer may pick up the phone, it’s imperative to account for and attribute these calls across all campaigns and channels. Revealing the role and impact of phone calls on campaigns helps measure true performance and provides a distinct competitive advantage.

TIME—Gain insight with little setup.

When the management of marketing platforms and the data itself become burdensome, you have little time left for the most valuable part of your job – gathering insights on performance and incremental ROI. Our marketing suite is built for rapid deployment, limiting your setup and management time.

RISK—No need to change existing business processes.

Ours is not another complex technology that must be managed. Instead, Mongoose integrates call data into your existing marketing tools and reporting environments. This means gaining powerful insight without adding more software environments to your stack.


Why Mongoose Metrics

Right Tools, Right Time, Right Campaign

The Mongoose Metrics Marketing Suite delivers a collection of powerful call tracking products. Whether you need broad call tracking awareness or deep integrations, we work with you and bundle the right products to meet the challenge of proving ROI.


With the Mongoose Metrics Marketing Suite, you can:

  • Measure call data from any dimension or level of detail, including source, channel, campaign, keyword, segment, testing group and more.
  • Reveal the full impact of your marketing efforts and use call data to measure and optimize ROI.
  • Score calls based on custom criteria, such as conversions, support calls, quality and more.
  • Integrate phone call data into third-party marketing platforms—including Web Analytics, Bid Management, CRM, Email Marketing, Testing, Marketing Automation and more—to gain a comprehensive analysis of your marketing performance.
  • Optimize campaigns to either increase or decrease phone calls.
  • Visualize phone call dimensions, including caller location, caller ID, call duration, missed calls and more.

Key Solutions 



Good Fit For

Static 1:1

For both Enterprise and SMB campaigns, achieve simple yet effective call tracking for both online and offline initiatives. 
  • Broad awareness of call activity.
  • Deployment of online campaigns and offline channels such as TV, radio, and print.
  • Lead Generation

Dynamic 1:1

For marketers with multiple channels or campaigns, achieve phone call tracking that is simple to implement and manage.
  • Tracking multiple channels, referrals or campaigns.
  • Conducting call tracking within email marketing and content marketing campaigns.

Session Tracking

Call tracking at the most granular level – the visitor session.
  • Paid search bid management optimization.
  • Enterprise Web Analytics with session level integrations into third-party data sources.
  • CRM integration

Session Directory

Multi-location marketing campaigns where session granularity is required.
  • Franchise and multi-store campaigns.

Call Insight

Dig deep inside of a call and aggregate insight based on what was said by both the caller and called party.
  • Assessing whether a call or group of calls conforms to your business’ conversion criteria.

Other Mongoose Marketing Suite Features

Business Intelligence—Simplify campaign decision making with custom reports and data visualization.
Integrations—Compile call attribution data across all your marketing platforms.
Reverse Phone Append—Associate demographic details with campaigns and callers.
Rules Engine—Selective call deployment.
REST Web API—Use External Systems to Programmatically Interact with Mongoose Metrics.
Text MessagingEnable two-way text messaging on any Mongoose Metrics tracking phone number.