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Get Better Customer Insights from Each Unique Session integrate with your system today

Compile Call Attribution Data Across All Your Marketing Platforms

Save time pulling and analyzing campaign performance data with Mongoose Metrics Integrations. Through the use of APIs, our platform can automatically feed any captured call data directly into your existing marketing platforms.


We currently integrate with many of the most widely used technologies:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Bid Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Landing Page Optimization



Automatically create and update contact profiles                                    

Salesforce®  |  SugarCRM |  Microsoft Dynamics®  |  NetSuite®  |  Zoho


Keep your CRM and contact profiles current with the latest data captured by Mongoose Metrics. Through this integration, you can:

  • Automatically create new contact profiles as qualified calls occur.
  • Update existing lead and customer profiles with data collected from recent calls.
  • Give sales and customer service representatives the background information needed to tailor follow-up conversations.
  • Further evaluate and refine what constitutes as a quality phone lead.
  • Attribute conversions to specific marketing campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness at driving qualified leads and sales.



Marketing Automation

Attribute phone calls to your cross-channel campaigns.

Marketo®  |  Pardot  |  Eloqua®  |  Adobe® Campaign


Building and managing sophisticated cross-channel campaigns in a marketing automation platform requires complete conversion data at the campaign and session level. Mongoose can feed call data into the leading automation platforms to help you:

  • Demonstrate a full conversion picture in one dashboard, instead of several.
  • Attribute total conversions to specific channels, campaigns, and even ads, emails and devices.
  • Expand how and when automation rules trigger different email workflows and lead status tags. 



Bid Management

Influence ad and keyword bidding with your phone call conversion data.

DoubleClick  |  Marin Software  |  Kenshoo  |  Acquisio  |  Adobe Media Optimizer


Launch and manage digital ad campaigns using complete lead conversion data. Mongoose automatically integrates and attributes calls to all levels of a campaign, giving you the opportunity to:

  • Effectively optimize automated ad and keyword bidding algorithms.
  • Align calls to action with audience preference—form or phone—by channel and campaign.
  • Fully demonstrate ROI at the channel, campaign, ad group, ad and keyword levels. 



Web Analytics

Gain deep insight into campaign and channel performance.

Google Analytics  |  Adobe Analytics  |  webtrends®  |  IBM Unica®  


Transition valuable campaign, call and conversion data into one analytics dashboard, giving you the ability to:

  • Determine the campaigns generating ROI in terms of qualified leads and sales.
  • Analyze and evolve campaigns based on complete conversion data.
  • Evaluate the performance and potential of different marketing channels.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards that visually show campaign performance at different levels of granularity.



Landing Page Optimization

Track and analyze form and phone leads generated by your landing pages.

Adobe Test&Target  |  Unbounce  |  ion interactive  |  Pardot


Track and analyze both form and phone leads generated by your landing pages. Through our landing page optimization integration:

  • Incorporate call tracking into A/B and multivariate testing to better understand which marketing methods are leading to increased conversion rates.
  • Accurately determine which campaigns, calls to action and layouts perform the best.   



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