Many businesses have found that creating a PPC campaign is a good way to boost company exposure and sales in a relatively short amount of time. And since not every business has a PPC expert on site, they often find themselves turning to you—an SEO/SEM agency, who ensures each and every client that this extra investment will yield a return.

But after a couple months of running these new PPC campaigns, the business owner isn't convinced that the return you promised them is ever going to come. Sure, they've seen some reports showing their overall clicks, but unless those clicks show a straight path to conversion, they don't know how many sales those clicks have really generated.

Why? Chances are that even though this business has a strong web presence, their main point of conversion is over the phone. So, how can they tell if their PPC advertising is effective and worth the investment?

With continuous advancements in call tracking technology, and the growing number of integrations into third party systems, businesses and the agencies running their campaigns, now have all the tools necessary to measure the offline effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

Here's how it works:

  1. A call tracking solution that tracks users at the session level is installed on the website, and as a result a dynamic phone call tracking number now will be associated with each unique visitor.
  2. A visitor comes to the website from a PPC ad and places a call to the unique call tracking phone number.
  3. The customer service/sales team on the other end takes the call and all necessary sales information is entered into the businesses CRM and will be marked as a lead.
  4. When call tracking is integrated with a CRM, all of the granular information that is associated with the tracking phone number is automatically populated to the newly created lead.
  5. With this populated information, businesses are able to easily determine whether or not the phone lead converted into a sale, and if so, how much revenue can be attributed to that one PPC ad.

Though it's important for your clients to see how many clicks happen as a result of the PPC campaigns you've established for them, they won't be impressed by clicks alone. They want to see the conversions, and the revenue, that resulted from those ad clicks. They need to be sure that the PPC campaign is really generating enough sales to justify the cost.

By closing that gap between online ads and offline conversions, you'll be able to show a more accurate picture of their ROI. The higher and more accurate return you show your clients, the more they will be willing to invest in your services.

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